Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


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The recoil is a mixture between mickmick suicide mouse and photo negative mickey and

acehalpous and disembodied.


He starts on night 5 He goes from the lounge to charater prep 1 then the meat freezer then into the brosdcasting room then the office

He is very demanding because you have to shut of 3 cams cut the power off and hide if you dont in 2 secs he will kill you. sometimes he will go directly to the office

Facts \ triva he is mixed with Technicolor not mickmick

He is simular to 2020 hour glass

He came to life after someone made his model.

He can multiply himself


I will tear your soul into tiny peices and eat them

You dont deserve honor and glory.

You are a imbecile for what you did

I will blast your head off and rip ur guts out then turn your corpse to a suit