She is an antagonist on Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 and is one of the few characters that are animatronic. And you need to electroshock it when it appears in your office.


She is different from the original view in Sister Location, in fact its appearance is the same as the video of The living tombstone specifically its chibi version.

Behavior 1

She will start on the 1st floor of pirate caverns near the elevator, when you see her active she must escape from it and hide until she finds it if she does not hide or escape from her she will be attacked ending with a game over.

Behavior 2

She will appear from time to time in your office and apart it will appear a control panel to electrify it, however, when it moves it is very little remarkable, which makes it easy to attack you. But if you manage to notice that it moved electrify it to make it disappear it will appear 3 times in your office, obviously if you do not do this you will be attacked ending with a game over.


  • Its playability is the same as that of Scrap baby in the utimate custom night.
  • She would originally have the gameplay to turn off the power but I decided better to modify it.
  • His scream is what he does in the circus baby minigame of Five nights at freddy's sister location.
  • She would have dialogues which are the same as in the original game.


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