Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

TV room is a room in Abandoned: Discovery Island or possibly in another game.


The room has a blue carpet floor with yellow concrete walls. A table with a tv on it is in the room along with a water Primo Dispenser(A water tank that dispenses hot and cold water). There is a door half open in the room with a painting right next to it. MickMick can be seen sitting on the chair in the middle of the room.



The player can change the tv to 6 different channels each have there own audio and apperance

  1. A channel that is playing static(Pretty much not working)
  2. A channel that is oddly playing steam boat willy without a VGC Tape
  3. A channel playing Walt Disney classics
  4. A channel with local news playing
  5. A channel with some sort of 1960's show playing
  6. A channel with football playing


MickMick will be sitting on the chair watching tv. After a while mickmick will get bored of what hes watching then he will look at the left side of the room, this will help let know the player needs to change the show on the tv. If the player doesn't change the tv mickmick will soon get up. If the player tries to change the tv now, there is a chance that he will sit back down. On preceding he will then enter the office from the left and kill the player resulting in a gameover.


  • The room is similar to the lounge
  • The primo dispenser original was from the lounge's old design from FNATI Demo
  • Challel 5's Audio is actually the tv sound from hello neighbor alpha 1