Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Tavish The Scottish Rabbit is a fanmade toon in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is created by



He looks similar to Oswald, the only difference is he wears a kilt patterned pair of shorts, and has eyebrows. He also speaks in a Scottish accent, though he rarely whispers with an American accent.


He starts in the Storage Room next to Oswald. He then goes to the Staff Area. Then the Meat Freezer, then the Office. Oddly, he is non hostile, and only stays in the office for a few seconds walking by the desk in a polite manner. He does not affect gameplay. He passes by the office, then goes to The Lounge, then Back to the meat freezer, and walks back to the Storage Room.


  • He likes to listen to scottish music occasionally, his personal favorite song is "Scotland the Brave".
  • His favorite drink is scrumpy.