Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
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You're next. -Murder Suit

This character is unsettling to some people

Please, continue at your own risk

Tbanel is a fan made antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6. Get Dark Night of Nightmares DLC.


While He is nowhere to be found, her head is still active in the nights. She can be seen in random locations in the cameras. Her personality is unknown and He backstory is Make Ben Solomace and he face has been distorted by a Disney X.


Tbanel will get spawned in CP1 and He will go to all locations beside He will also appear in the Pirate Caverns in Night 3 as an Easter Egg. When He reaches the Office, you will have to absolutely nothing untill she dissapears.


  • Tbanel is Mickey Get Corrupt by Disney X.
  • Tbanel is Hallucination Make by Disney X.
  • Tbanel Is Unseen Most Worker and CEOs.