Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Technicolor resembles a Old time Mickey Toon. He has Yellow Buttons and Black Lines on his Gloves. He owns no Pupils.


Technicolor starts in the Bathroom then moves into the Meat Freezer he then moves right behind the office Door (Visible on the Camera) He makes a creaking sound when behind the door. Turn off a Camera to get rid of him.

Behavior (Pirate Caverns)

He can be found on the second floor. When you hear a Creaking noise go into the previous room and Turn on your flashlight until he leaves. It takes half a second to get rid of him.


UnDead Mickey, Suicide Mouse, MickMick (4.0.) and Normal Mickey Mouse.


  1. He is connected to Shadow Pennie
  2. He can occasionally appear in Night 1. But he can't attack you.
  3. His shade is based off of Evil Otto.
  4. He doesn't talk when moving.