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Teufelin is an hidden easter egg character in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Teufelin is a demonic soul, sent by past nightguards of Discovery Island, in a dark blue and black color scheme. It's appearance seems to be broken up and missing a leg, It also seems to have an unknown black substance coming out of it's right eye.


On any night, Teufelin has a 0.0001% chance of spawning. Once he spawns in, he will say either of these two quotes;



Once one of those quotes are said by Teufelin, he will spawn in the lounge, turning it dark blue like his promo. After that, Teufelin will teleport into the office, the only way to get rid of him is by shutting off the power. Failing to do so will result in Teufelin jumpscaring the player with a death screen, with a loud static noise crashing the player's game.


  • Teufelin means "fiend" in German.
    • This could be the reason behind Teufelin's massive agression towards Jake.
  • His promo was recolored to get the whole "areas turning dark blue" vibe to his character.
  • One of his quotes references this one quote said by The Face; "The spirits... they are coming."
  • It is unknown how Teufelin knows about Jake.
    • It is also unknown how he knows about Jake working for the SSA.
  • On Night 2, if both Rodsidian and Teufelin are both active on the same night, he will reveal who Rodsidian is if the player completes it without dying to anyone.
    • (SPOILER ALERT) At the end of Night 2, Teufelin reveals that Rodsidian used to be one of Undying's minions that guarded Pirate Caverns, until he was replaced by The Face.
  • Teufelin was almost killed by Purity, until being saved by Greyscale Mouse.
    • From that moment, Teufelin owes him his life.
  • Teufelin's death screen is based on Mickbody's death screen.
    • The text on his death screen is Wingdings, translating it will give you the text "Death to Purity", connecting to Teufelin almost dying to Purity.
      • This also confirms that Teufelin hates Purity.

        Teufelin's death screen. (Notice how the substance changed from black to blue, also his appearance changes)