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"Hold It Right There"
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Mowgli's Palace

  • Auditory hallucination and/or projection.
  • Misplaced and mobile objects.
  • Moderate to severe agitation/inappropriate human activity.
  • Unresolved CORRUPTUS: Inverted Character

-Corruptus Creepypasta


The Abandoned Mascot, mainly known as Inverted Mickey or Photo Negative Mickey, it's an enemy an Abandoned Discovery island. He seems to be a Disneyland Mickey mouse Mascot, with basically the same Appearance, but with inverted colors. His neck and some parts of his body seem to be Drenched in Vomit and he's Eyeless, with a extremely wider mouth. He also seems to have a corpse inside him, as something like a human leg can be seen at mainly the end of his left leg. He lacks eyebrows and seems to be covered in Dust. He seems to be also skinnier than normal.


The Abandoned Mascot starts in the character prep 1, laying in the floor as the Creepypasta mentions. Then, he will be seen standing up. Then he goes to the Staff Area, where he can be seen near the boxes, then the Meat Freezer, appearing in one of the entrances, and the Bathroom or the Character Prep 2, or Lounge and finally the Office. Like the Spirit, he can enter through the both sides. To get rid of him, Hide under the Desk. Shut off the Power doesn't work on him at all, and if you Shut off a camera, he will broke the cameras and inmediately kill the player. He starts at night 1, 2AM.


Abandoned Mascot's path through the island is the following

  • Character Prep 1
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Bathroom
  • Character Prep 2
  • Lounge
  • The Office

While moving, he talks, saying things like

  • "Hey....."
  • "Wanna see my head come off?"
  • "Come here and bleed!!"
  • "You will be Abandoned like me!!"
  • *Laughing*
  • "Abandoned....."

Abandoned by Disney Creepypasta



  • He is one of the Seven Corruptus.
  • Along with the Spirit, he is the most dangerous enemy.
  • The reason of his Inverted colors is unknown.
  • He's the first enemy to appear in all of the games.
  • He originates from the "Abandoned by Disney" Creepypasta, but is also briefly mentioned in the Corruptus Creepypasta.
  • Some of his phrases are from the Creepypasta.
  • Unlike the Creepypasta, in the game he doesn't seem to take off his head at all.


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