Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"All of the Toons have fused together to become a horrifying abomination named "The Amalgamation". He can come into the Office from any entrance and you must use the flashlight to get rid of him." - Night 13

The Amalgamation is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Amalgamation resembles a large Mickey Mouse Toon, but with many different strange features. The top of his head has melted Mickey ears, along with melted Oswald ears. His top jaw resembles Photo-Negative Mickey's, while his bottom jaw resembles The Face's. It's mouth is lined with rotten yellow jagged teeth, and it is heavily melted. He has a large midsection, with patches of regular Mickey colors, and photo negative colors. His shorts have patches of regular, photo negative, and greyscale colors. His left button is black while the other one is white.

His left hand is clawed, and also has a white glove. His left hand is much smaller, with a black glove. His legs are large and drippy, they also have mixed colors. His left shoe is blue with a patch of light yellow, and his left shoe is completely grey.


The Amalgamation starts in an unknown location on the island, but can move to any location, and can get into the Office in any entrance. The player can get rid of it by flashing a flashlight in its face.


The Amalgamation is made up of many Toons, the ones it is made up of is listed below.

  • Photo-Negative Mickey
  • Oswald
  • The Face
  • Photo-Negative Minnie
  • Acephalous
  • Suicide Mouse
  • Willy
  • Disembodied
  • MickMick


  • "Hey."
  • "Wanna see my head come off?"
  • "God? Where are you God?"
  • "This isn't how it was supposed to be."
  • "Hi there!"
  • "The spirits, they are coming."
  • "This place is a suicide."
  • "I thought you loved me."


  • This character was meant to be another version of Corruptus.
  • He takes quotes from each character except MickMick.
  • When speaking, you can hear a quiet version of Disembodied's quacks.
  • In another design, it was wearing Acephalous' yellow vest.
  • In another design, it had hollowed out versions of Disembodied and Daisy as armor plates on its shoulders.
  • The reason why it mainly looks like a Mickey Toon is because the creator thought that his past design was too complex.