Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Back Freezer is a room situated behind the Meat Freezer, behind a door. This is where The Expression starts. The temperature is about -20°, this explains why the suit is gray. The temperature is so cold that the colors have whiten and froze out. The blood is infact, a trace of Henry's head. The eyes are also prooved to be Henry's eyes. Henry explains in the Pirate Caverns that ''All i can remember, is that a distorted grayish-white distorted mickey mouse with empty eye sockets, was behind me when i explored the room, and just beheaded me and took my eyes out. Even if all i could see was total darkness after the beast decapitated me, i remember seeing a bright white figure, probably a woman, she leaned over me, then put my hand over by chest.. Then, i just felt like i wasn't dead, like nothing ever happened.'' Henry might be referring to Purity (God)


The room is divided into two views, which are described and shown.

  1. The ''Normal'' View, is when the suit is inactive. [Image 2]
  2. The ''Imminent Doom'' is when the suit is about to leave the room, to teleport in your office. [Image 1]
    Grayish Back Freezer.PNG