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The Beastening is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


She looks like a mouse toon but is a mashup of all Mickeys. However, she also has a hole near the eyes, and her ears are cut. Instead of a Minnie body, she has a Mickey body.

Her Behavior

Nights 3 and 4

She will start being active on Night 3: Pirate Caverns, when the game turns into a adventure game where the player can explore the island, but off appearance. She will then become hostile on Night 4. On Night 4 and on, she will start in CAM 3. If she is watched too little, she will get up and move to CAM 5, and if ignored, she will move to CAM 6. If in CAM 6, she will be seen running. If she runs, she will take around 10 seconds to get inside the office. When in the office, she will be seen making Withered Freddy's pose in the office from FNAF 2. If the player doesn't pull up the tablet and shut off a camera, The Beastening will jumpscare the player. If she jumpscares the player, normal static will play after the jumpscare, but instead, after the static, the warning screen will pop up rather than a traditional game over.

In the Beast Night

She will just walk around the facility, but the player will have to watch her. If she enters the office, and the timer runs out, she will just laugh, and then restart the game by bringing the player back to the title screen.

Trivia of Her

  • She is the only character to have a screech which is shared with more than one toon.
  • She is the only toon who had killed more than one kid.
    • However, the kids she killed were Jason, Emma, Ellie, and Jake (the one you play as in the game).
  • The Beastening is the only Mickey Mouse toon to be female.
    • However, this is wrong, since the creator might have teamed up with possibly Pepp, who stated The Beastening is a male.
  • However, the kids The Beastening killed have been all killed with serious injuries.
    • She killed all kids by cutting their hearts in half, but she killed only Jake with hands.
  • Sometimes, there is a glitch in Pirate Caverns, that The Beastening's hands clip throught her shorts.
    • This has been reconfirmed before Pepp, the possible 2nd creator, that he sucked at modeling The Beastening.