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"Why do I exist?"

-The Bride


The Bride is a slightly distorted version of Minnie Mouse, and the Replacement of Photo Negative Minnie in the night 8 of Abandoned: Discovery island.


The bride is basically Minnie mouse, just that her only difference is that she has blood in her hands and mouth, and blood pouring of her both empty eyeholes. Her face skin is grey, and she lacks a nose and her mouth is a bit wider than normal. She's also covered in Dirt.


Her behavior is basically the same as Photo negative Minnie, since is her replacement. But the difference is that she starts in the Roof, and then to the storage room. You have a timer, and you have to keep it running. It starts in 50, and finishes in 0. It only appears when you have to keep her in the storage room. If you fail with the timer, she will jumpscare you with a Death screen, the same way Photo negative Minnie does. Like Photo negative Minnie, she says the same Phrases. She hasn't got a Shade. Hidding behind the desk, Shut off a camera or the power will not work on her. She starts At 3AM.


She starts in the Roof, then she goes to the Storage room, and the office (She's not seen in here, but she must appear there to kill you).


. She's the Replacement of Photo negative Minnie in Night 8.

. Unlike Photo negative Minnie, she has a backstory, she was an employee that was murdered outside, while she was working of cleaning outside, but then she found by a killer that Killed her by stabbing her eyes and stomach with a knife, then the killer hide the body in a Minnie mouse suit that was being fixed outside. That's why the bride starts in the roof, and the reason of her distorted appearance.

.She's a bit similar to Impure​ Mouse from Fnati : Remastered 3.0, as the fact of both being a replacement of Photo negative Minnie, and both have normal colors instead of Inverted colors.

.The Bride concept was made in 2015, but her first edit was made in 2016. In 2017 was her final update.


The Bride full body (old)

The Bride full body

The Bride in the Storage Room

The Bride in the Roof