Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The bunny children

The Bunny Children Are Antagonists in Abandoned: Discovery Island. They Are Oswald And Ortensia's Kids.


They Resemble There Original Appearances. But With Only Red Eyes.


They Start In The Storage Room With Oswald. Then They Will Move To The Meat Freezer Then The Staff Area Before Entering Your Office When They Enter Your Office. They Will Appear On Your Desk And Will Attract Oswald Faster To Your Office.

To Get Rid Of Them. Hide Under The Desk.


  • While They Are In Your Office. They Will Make A Low Pitched Bunny Squeak Sound.
  • In The Cartoons. There Are 420 Bunny Children. But In The Abandoned: Discovery Island Game. There Are Only 12.
  • They Will Attract, Oswald, Fanny Cottontail, Ortensia, And Homer The Cat To Your Office.


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