Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Butcher is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island

Appearance and Description

"The Butcher" is an unexplained character that becomes normally active on Night 6 or on Night 4 when the power is shut off. He is presumed to be a hallucination of some sort, resembling a slightly distorted Goofy costume/mascot with a few holes in his body showing flesh on the inside, elongated arms, multiple rows of small teeth in one of his eye sockets, a slightly torn-up jacket, and huge bloody cleavers in place of his hands, similar to what a Butcher would use. He also is missing his feet, yet stands up properly as if he's floating, leading more to the fact that he's a hallucination. Another minor detail is that on his other eye, he's missing his pupil.


The Butcher doesn't appear out of any room, but just randomly appears. In fact, from the moment he becomes active, he could start at any camera location, no specific one. He tends to move slow the first cycle around, then quickly starts moving fast once the first cycle ends. He can appear in your office from 5 different positions: One at the door coming from the Lounge, one at the door coming from the Meat Freezer, one directly in front of your desk, one at the back of the office near the sign, and under your desk in the area of it that you hide in. If you hide under the desk while he's in that position under there as well, you'll most likely die.


  • The Butcher can appear on any of the cameras, and doesn't have any audio or speech. In fact, wherever he goes, it gets quieter, which adds onto the tension he ensues.