Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Classic is an fan-made Easter Egg antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island.


His appearance looks similar to True Mickey, except he lacks his left hand, ears, and no human eyes. He also has right red eye, and a hat.


The classic is a secret suit in the game and can be triggered if the player beats night 1 and clicks on the discovery land sign ten times located at the office. After beating the night the game will then crash and restart. a message will immediately pop up saying "you shouldn't of done that". Then the classic night screen will pop up. The player will then be located to an earlier state of Discover island, which at that time is called treasure island. The forgotten and Real Mickey will be the only suits active on this night. The classic will start at the roof then will immediately be in the player's office. In order to get rid of him the player will have to shut down the roof camera only. Neglecting, stalling or shutting the camera down will result in The forgotten jumpscaring the player resulting in the game crashing.


  • It has been discovered that The classic was the first suit made and was scrapped due to reports of incidents including the deaths of a five kids.
  • It has been thought that The classic was included in the corrupti incident and ended up being a victim of Jake.
  • The night guard you play as in the classic night is none other then Jake's dad, Undying.The forgotten thought Undying was the cause of his misery and sought out to kill him.
  • The classic is not in fact just a suit, it is a animatronic. The idea of making the other suits robotic was scrapped after the incident of five kids.
  • The Classic was named the forgotten but was changed due to there already being Forgotten.
  • He Was Supposed Be A Character On Custom Gameplay Animation, But It Was Scrapped.