Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Corpse is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Corpse resembles a normal Mickey Mouse suit, except it is heavily dusted and dirty. The most notable feature about The Corpse is that the side of his head is shattered, revealing a skull beneath.


The Corpse starts in Character Prep 2, sitting against the wall next to the window. Around 2AM of Night 3, he will begin moving to the Staff hall, where he will be in the center of the room, with the skull facing the straight towards the camera, as if it is staring into the camera. He will then move to the Meat Freezer, where he will be seen at the bottom right corner of the camera, as if he is about to exit the room and enter the Office. When in the Office, he will be directly in front of Jake's desk. The player must hide under their desk to get rid of him, failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.


  • Character Prep 2
  • Staff Hall
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


The Corpse, when he used to be alive was a former nightguard named Ryan. Ryan was going through his shift, when around 3AM, he was attacked by Acephalous. He tried to fight back by using the pocket knife in his pocket, he shanked and stabbed Acephalous, but it was infective, as Acephalous is just an empty costume. Acephalous overpowered Ryan and broke his spine with his hands, leaving him completely paralyzed. Acephalous stuffed his body into a Mickey suit and threw him into Character Prep 2, where his body was hidden beyond a set of heavy crates. When he was thrown, the plastic face on the costume cracked and broke, revealing Ryan's bleeding head. Ryan's death went entirely unnoticed by the SSA, and his corpse was left to rot inside of a broken Mickey suit. Ryan was brought back to life by God during Jake's night shift, and was sent out to kill him. As of now, Ryan's suited up corpse still roams Treasure Island to this day.

Voice Lines

  • "Help me..."
  • "Join me Jake."
  • "Help..."
  • "God has abandoned YOU too."