Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He has a different appearance unlike the original Corruptus in FNATI: Found. The series as the mickey convinado of the majority of the mickey exeptiendo some alternate Mickey, the corruptus would be the following mickey's like Photo Negative Mickey, The Face, Suicide Mouse, Terror, Cactus Kid, Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey, True Mickey in Undertale version, Virtual Mickey, and Magrolo Mouse. This being is actually the cause of all of the disney incidents and accidents on which is why some of its textures are ocacionados by the facts that it has done, even that it's original shape is a bright white ball but it takes the shape of any person cartoon suit etc.


Corruptus starts Broadcasting but you can not see it until you finish the call it makes and then when you enter Broadcasting you will see that it will alter the reality and manage to cause zero gravity and alter the course of time, then you will be teleporting to any camera if you are fat-free to the next cameras in the following order: CAM 4 cam 9 cam 7 cam 1 and cam 3 cam 8 cam 4 cam 1 you can descartarrte the cameras for 1 minute and when you see the sign of Discovery island demonstrating different images will turn off the power, when you see a colored dots on the right input diriguete to close the door and if you stay standing in front of the door ataquara you, when you see some hands on the left input need to enter the following code with your keyboard GLITCHS if you do not attack, you will see that they go back when it appears on the desk hide on the desk or if you do not attack losing night 6 and having to repeat it, if it appears in winged poster and in front of the left door you have to turn off any camera because if you can not die, Finally the if it appears on the roof you have to see it for 6 seconds if you can not die and lose the game completely.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

  • Lets have some fun.
  • I know you're in there.
  • This is why never make promises.
  • This place need to make suffer .
  • You can't run away from me.
  • You should have never come here.


In fact it is not necessary to mention their locations being that it is on the entire map including the probably one Floor Flood and Floor two secret map since the three is unlikely.


  • The Corruptus curiously originally was not going to be in the game but in the end if with a new design and apart with some details of more than the difference of the old version.
  • The Corruptus is the only one to take 10 seconds in any camera and except in Junito's closet and characters prep 1 which is where it takes 20 seconds to change cameras.
  • A dialogue if I was going to say (the being that will never be defeated) and was replaced by the dialogue