Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The Dancing Demon is an easter egg in Abandoned Discovery Island.


The Dancing Demon is just an Ink Bendy who just dances on your office monitor, that's it.


The Dancing Demon can rarely be found on any night, but when he is found. He will just dance on your monitor, that's it. He can also block Trippy Bendy from attacking you on the night, which is a good thing because it will also deactivate him for the rest of the night. Thus meaning The Dancing Demon has more power over his trippy counterpart.


  • Originally, he came from a tweet by JelloGalaxy.
  • He and his trippy counterpart are not the same character, as they act differently and look more differently.
  • When he is on your office monitor, he will not effect cameras. He would just be on your office's monitor screen.
    • This could be because it's like opening up a window covering up your background.
  • He is, I dunno the fourth Bendy character NowDoYourHomieShake as ever made. (Second, if you don't count Bendy Prop and Old Bendy Prop.)