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The Decimated Mickey is the main antagonist in FNATI 2: The Magic Kingdom. He is one of the three suits that was shipped to Magic kingdom, and was attempted to fix but failed miserably. The Soul of the infant and the father still remain inside on Decimated Mickey.


The Decimated Mickey is the 1961 Disneyland Mickey, but in extreme disrepair. His ears are ripped off, his jaw has been stretched out, He is missing his top hat, along with a hand and a large portion of his glove. The most noticeable feature are his eyes. His eye sockets are malformed due to the humid conditions of treasure island before he was shipped overseas. His human eye has rotted and turned blood red. His bow tie is also missing.


It starts in the Secret Room, then it heads to the Suit Storage. From there, it can head to any location.



  • He looks different from the official face because the new reboot of FNATI 2 is a squeal to FNATI: REIMAGINED. Another game i am making that makes the FNATI characters look like the actual suits, giving it a dark backstory, and making it like the REAL treasure island because it in fact is a real place, and there ARE pictures of the inside.
  • Decimated Mickey was my first FNATI OC
  • He is the only one whom has gone back and fourth between photoshop and Blender