Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Demon Promo


He Look An Suit But Isn't, His Appearance Is, He Has Small Teeth On His Mouth, His Right Hand Is Missing, His Left Hand Has Drill Like Thing And A Blood On It, His Face Is Red And A One Red Eye Also He's Bleeding, He Has Green Pants And Yellow Button And A Red Shoes.


He Active On Night 6, He Start On Ritual Room Then He Moves To Storage Room Very Fast, Then He Move To Meat Freezer And Office, If You See Him You Need Shut Off The Power Or Else He Will Kill You.


  • "We're Are You???"
  • "Say To Our New God, Baphomet"
  • "I'am Gonna Kill You"
  • "The Evil Is Infinite"
  • "Welcome To The Hell"
  • "You Need To Be Tortured In Hell"
  • "Your Soul Is Gonna Be Dead"


  • Athough He Look An Suit But He Isn't A Suit.
  • He Likes Baphomet.
  • He Has Drill Like Thing On His Left Hand, Just Like Nightmare Suicide Mouse.
    • However Nightmare Suicide Mouse Has Drill Like Thing On His Both Hand.
  • Why He Bleeding Is Currently Unknown.
  • He Also Born With No Right Hand With Pretty Strange.