Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"The Demonic Spirit(TDS for short) is a fan made antagonist on A:DI"


He take appearance of Oswald with Sharp Teeth and Human Eyeballs. He also have a 2 Chain on both side of his head, theres also a blood stains on his pants. He has 2 hands and both of them has a long claw on it and his ear are torn apart.


He can appear on a Different version of the Night 6 after looking the Key at the drawer on Pirate Caverns. After a while the key will turn red, take it until wait 6 AM and beat some of the night the you will play that alternative version of the Night 6.

His behaviour is:

He will start at random location until he reach on your office. You must look at his starting point, if he start on Janitor Closet that mean you must splash him with "Holy Water" If he start on Character Prep 1 you must count a number with him from 1 to 10. Click the number when the Number reach that exact number(For example press 1 when the number reach 1) and after that the number suddenly corrupted and about to turn into "666" You have to shutdown your camera for a while by pressing "Z". If he start on Storage Room that mean he is about to teleport right behind at you. When the space start to blurry that mean he is choking at you. You must rapidly press "CTRL" button for 20 times until he decide to change his route. If he start on the roof you must play a Minigame when he is on your office. The office will dark than usual, use your flashlight. When he start to groan that mean he is on one of the office spots. When you see him you must use the UV Flashlight to avoid him killing you but be careful the flashlight can drain your flashlight battery. Repeat this until the office Power are turned on again. If he start on Broadcasting Room. You have to use Camera Beacon when he start to enter one of the TV's. If he start on Caverns Entrance that mean you must use the Camera Sprinkle when he reach his final phase(He has 3 Phase). Sometimes you can hear a banging on Vent, you must block the vent by pressing "Seal Vent" on the Vent Map, to look at the Vent Map you must press "Switch Map" If he start on Break Room you must flash at his face then blink by pressing "B". Note about this Night:12 AM to 6 AM thing doesn't exist on this night instead you have to look at the Flashback about this place via Jake Mind by holding "FB"


  • "Greetings Foolish Creature..."
  • "Your soul are filled with nothing but Hatred..."
  • "I can smell the sense of Dread on your body..."
  • "Is that it? you foolish creature, crying won't help you..."
  • "Even praying will not help you on this place..."
  • "Do you also yearn for the Endless Pain...?"
  • "Either way you will never escape from me again and again..."


  • His version of Night 6 is similar to "The Memory Maze" that appear on "The Sullivan Story:Treasure Island"(play it, it's pretty underrated)
  • His last Quote may have something with Jake.
  • The "Minigame" that appear when he start on "The Roof" is similar to one of the "Blue" minigame on "Blue Oddities"
  • The Screech that he used when he Kills the player is actually from Blood Mouse except that it has Distorted effect and have Low Pitch.
  • In V 9.9 he would appear on 12 AM.
  • There once a glitch that make him not moving at all when you pulling up your Monitor at the very beginning of the Night.