Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Devil's Night is a fan made night in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


This is a night that happens when the player types in Sonic.EXE's name. Then the game will crash and close itself, then in the menu, Sonic.EXE will replace P.N Mickey in the Title Screen. The only play button will be "...". Sonic.EXE will be active and Melted Tails will appear as an easter egg. If the player manages to complete this night, they will unlock a button to access the night and will have a Sonic Plushie on the Office desk. Clicking the plushie will make Sonic.EXE active with other suits and humanoids. Completing this night 3 times will take you to a cutscene where Jake counters him and then Sonic.EXE leaves the island.

If the player types Sonic.EXE"s name quickly while Sonic.EXE is in the office, the game will black out and the words "I AM GOD" will appear, playing the same bloodcurling scream from the Creepypasta. After 10 seconds, the player will have to play the "Tails.EXE" minigame, where the player has to play as Tails and investigate what's going on in Green Hill Zone. After walking in the flat areas for 1 minute, the player will be given Tails' speed from the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. If the player doesn't stop running, the screen will turn to static, thus making Green Hill Zone burn to a crisp. If the player manages to escape the burning areas, the player will go back to playing the rest of the night, with Melted Tails flashing through the monitors for 3 seconds. Clicking on Tails while he flashes through the monitors will make the player "static blind" for 10 seconds, thus playing a cutscene where PN Mickey grabbing the Devil's box, trying to make Sonic.EXE get sucked back to the box, and the player will get the Safe Ending


  • The reason PN Mickey got the Devil's box to suck Sonic.EXE in the box was a reference to how PN Mickey wanted revenge of how he was removed out of the title screen from him.
  • For a reason, if you stay idle in the Sonic.EXE title screen for a minute, you can hear PN Mickey talking in a very angry voice, saying "HE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO HELL!"