Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

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(Updated because I left this behind for 17 days and Originator appeared that time)

Introduction (As usual...)

The Drawing is a fan-made antagonist in A:DI.


His behavior is similar to Photo Negative Mickey's but instead starts in a room called "The Drawing Board," He has three phases. His first phase is a hand sticking out of the drawing, second is his full body out of the drawing. And his last phase is him leaving the room with the words "You abandoned me" written in blood.

After that he goes to the lobby and then walks his way into the office and when he is in, the player cannot hide or look at the cameras so the only way to make him disappear is that the player turns of the power. If failing to do so he will kill the player.


  • His appearance is based off Photo Negative Mickey's but with an eyeball sticking out with blood running down, parts of his left ear is missing as well.
  • He is based off Bendy from BATIM.
  • His behavior could reference BATIM.
  • He is also based off Photo Negative Mickey.
  • He has a girlfriend who is also a drawing before the artist had to quit his job and abandon his post.
  • He was abandoned due to memory lost and confusion.
  • He is friends with Verlassen and maybe Bendy Prop.
  • His real name is currently unknown.
  • He dislikes Anti Spamming Aquamarine because she's rude and mean to him.
  • He's based off Cactus Kid as well.