"Hello, you know that room called The Drawing Board? We used to have an artist in that room, he retired and this room and his drawings were left of it. I really do miss that guy" -Unknown


The Drawing Board is a fan-made location in A:DI


The Drawing Board is an abandoned room full of drawings, with a desk and chair and has a drawing on it, that drawing on the desk is actually the character named "The Drawing."

The walls looks almost like the same texture as Bendy And The Ink Machine's.

This location will appear in Night 3 as a camera, not a location unlike Undying's or The Face's.


  • An Aquamarine drawing was planned to appear there as an easter egg.
  • This room is based off the game Bendy And The Ink Machine.
  • Verlassen and Anti Spamming Aquamarine was planned to appear there but got scrapped and cut in the final version.
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