Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The dreaded what?

TDF is a character idea for a game called Phobetor's World of Nightmares.


TDF looks identical to Goofy the Talented Comedian but with lots of changes

  1. he is missing both legs and you can see skeleton leg joints poking out
  2. despite his head is missing both of it's eyes there is a massive crater on his belly that has many eyes inside it
  3. he has claws on the tips of his fingers
  4. he still has his hat but it has spikes coming out of it with eyes inside the holes of his hat and it is covered in blood
  5. he technically has 1 tooth cuz the other is golden perhaps Phobetor did this


TDF mechanic is somewhat like Corrosive Mickey but with three stages

1 you just see his hat on the table

2 his head then appears

3 his entire body comes up

how he works is every time you use the camera 4 times he will start to slowly emerge after 12 times the camera is used his full body emerges you can use his eyeless head to your advantage. you need to hide but don't think he can't see you cuz if his chest eyes can't see you the ones on his hat can. but hiding actually works cuz he can only attack if he can see the player but despite he knows you are under the desk he can't attack so he goes back into a massive hole in the office. failing to do so will win you a free trip to your great great grandfather Wilbur [TDF kills you]


"how could I have been so BLIND?"

" I guess you could say I'm quite the EYEsore"

"eye have a word or two to say about why you'll regret joining the SSA"

"even though I'm eyeless how could I SEE this coming?"

"we hunted you down in your nightmares but this isn't a nightmare. this is reality"

"God are you even here? or are we searching for someone that probably doesn't exist?"

When it's 5am

"you don't give up that easily do you?"

Death quotes

"I was always Eying on your demise"

"your eyes will look the best in my eye collection"

"EYE thought you were tougher than this"


  • he is the only fear suit that there starting location is the office
  • like withered bonnie who makes face puns and withered toy sonic who makes jaw puns The Dreaded Fear makes eye puns
  • he mentions that god might just be a wild goose chase
  • the other fear suits give him the nickname "suitcage" cuz he actually holds the spirits of angry suits who sadly perished in the corrupti incident
  • he is the only performer suit that was dragged here by Phobetor cuz he needed a goofy suit with its head still attached to it's body
  • the fact that he holds the souls of suits might actually be the reason of his aggression