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The Dream Syndrome (TDS, for short), or Nightmare Disorder is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


TDS is a version of MickMick, but he's transparent and he has got colorful spots all over his body, as he lacks the original MickMick eyes. His body seems to be very glossy. He is always seen floating.

Behavior (Nights 3 - 5)

His behavior is very different from MickMick. He will start in a random location (except cameras who have been shut off). Then, he will be seen, floating. The player needs to shut off the camera in which it was seen.

When he's in a camera, the player will begin to experiment symptoms like distorted and blurred vision, strange sounds, hallucination suits in the office and a black ring around the screen that gets smaller with the time. If TDS remains much time in the camera, or the black ring shrinks to the point that you can not see anything, the player will die from lack of oxygen.

Behavior (Nights 7 - 8)

This behavior includes the behavior of the Nights 3 - 5, but with some changes.

Now, TDS can enter to the office. When the player pulls down the monitor, he will be seen in the right door. The player needs to hide before he fades out. Once he fades out, there's no way to survive. Instead of draining out your oxygen, he will jumpscare you directly, resulting in a Game Over.

Behavior (Night 1 Easter Egg)

TDS can rarely be seen in Night 1. There's a chance of 1 between 222 that TDS becomes active in Night 1, but he will only be seen once in the night. TDS will be seen on The Roof, and will stare at the camera. Later, he will enter to the office, and he will fade out and nothing will happen.

The player will not experiment symptoms if he's activated in Night 1.


Is not necessary to say his locations, he can enter every CAM and the office.


  • TDS originated from a failed joke OC that the User:Budgie2712 made, it was going to be called Yoga Mouse, but an error occurred, then, Budgie got this.
    • After this, Budgie shared the image to the User:Kawaii dezu, then, they decided to create this character.
  • Dream Syndrome is actually a rare disease that makes people see unreal things, like the Sleep Paralisys. More info about the Dream Syndrome / Nightmare Disorder can be seen here.
  • His mechanic when he enters to the office are similar to Golden Freddy ones from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • User:Kawaii dezu gave TDS its actual name.