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The Dream Syndrome's red demon appearance highly resembles to The Dream Syndrome's Hallucination demon and normal Mickey all colors. There are multiple tears on his suit, with his left shoe and glove missing. His head has some distortions and is floating separate from the, mickmick the demon Mouse, except he has all red mega drak eyes, with a wide grin, along with white shorts with round buttons.


Unlike The Dream Syndrome's Hallucination demon version, his behavior doesn't have any changes between nights, and it's very different.

He starts being active at Night 2, in Storage Room, then, he will head to the office. He can appear in both doors of the office. If he appears in the left door, the player needs to shut off a camera, but if he appears in the right door, the player needs to shut off the power. Hiding will not work in this particular suit.

His jumpscare consists in popping out from the screen, then, he reveals his hidden human eyes while staring at the player. His hiding jumpscare consists in grabbing the player, and hitting him against the table.


The Dream Syndrome red demon will start in Storage Room, then, he will head to:

  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Lounge
  • Office.


the dream syndrome red demon behavior is partially based off of Acephalous's behavior in the original FNaTI

  • He has some old promos, which can be found in the galleries of himself
  • His screech is similar to demon red Acephalous