Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"The Evil Queen(TEQ for short) is a Fan Made antagonist on A:DI"


She has similar design to her Normal Counterpart except that her whole body has a "Parallel Gradiation" on it, she also seems pretty bright.


She will active on Night 5, on the beginning of the Night a "Parallel Gradiation" electric spheres effect will appear on your screen, touching one of it will cause your cursor stunned(Can't move) for 3 seconds. If you touch it too much your power will shut down Permanently, leaving you hopeless.


She has no quote.


  • Office(off-screen).


  • There is a chance that she will shock Snow White with her Electric Sphere. Making her moveless for a while.
  • She was removed on V 6.1 due some unfixable bugs but the developer managed to fix her bug that allow you able to disable every character by only her Electric Sphere with just clicking CTRL after getting hit by one of those Spheres in V 8.6.
  • Shutting Power when you hitting too much Electric Sphere will just disable your flashlight and prevent you from hiding.