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She has her human appearance like the one in the series except that she has blood on her hand on her right arm and legs, her hair stops like when Jenny throws herself the Exo-skin milkshake and crazies and the bottom of her dress is broken, the lower part of his shoulders are also broken and finally his shoes are normal only that stained with blood as some parts of his body.


She starts in a suit room (Cam 2) inside the box that is next to a Spongebob suit after that she will be seen next to the Spongebob costume on the desk, then she will be seen in Hallway B2 looking at the camera and then She Goes to the Lobby and you will see her moving there twice after she goes to Hallway A4 to go to the ventilation (Vent B2) and then Vent B1 when she is in Vent B1 Then she go to The Office. Before she enters the office hide in a Danny phantom suit when you are hidden will be in the office Five seconds before she goes out to Hallway B1 if you do not hide in the suit of Danny phantom will be attacked by The exo-skin getting the game over instantaneous.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

"I'm look beautiful"

"You can believe that we are something me and you"

"you can do anything with me"

"I'm not enough for you"

"why are you here in the first place"

"it's because I'm here true"

"if you join me, we will be happy"


  • Suits room
  • Hallway B2
  • Lobby
  • Hallway 4
  • Vent B2
  • Vent B1
  • Office


  • The exo-skin has someone in her possession to be able to attack the guard and make moves that she can not do without a body.
  • Its main objective is to catch you to replace the body that it has inside therefore it has a game over distionto to the others
  • There would be a dialogue taken from The exorcist movie which is "I do not feel anything" but it is replaced by the one of "why are you here in the first place".

If on night 3 this code is entered on the keyboard H E A R M E At night 5 there will be a call from the character.

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