Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Expression is the suit, ressemblant to The Face, but it has multiple abilities, hence it's name ''Expression''.



The Suit has many different appearances, but usually, where it starts, it has it's normal colors but in a light gray mesh. In the Meat Freezer, the colors can't be seen, but past time SSA workers, described him as ''A pitch black creature staring at you.'' Finally, when it reaches the office, it will have it's normal colors back, but with a slight moss on it's forhead.


The Expression will start in The Back Freezer, first laying down while inactive, then staring at you before teleporting to the Meat Freezer. Then finally, into the office. Unlike most of the suits, he will simply play a sound ressemblant to this: [1]. It represents The Expression beheading Jake. Then, the image shown below will be displayed, before the game crashes.

When he moves, he will sometimes say in a echoing voice:

''Such colors...''

''Who dares to disturb me ?''

''Henry... come back...''

''Come back so i can make you suffer again...''

''Colors and expressions...''

''A head.. fresh from the butcher..''



  • When The Expression is in the Meat Freezer, Acephalous's (Goofy's) head will dissapear, including one floor tile missing.
  • The death screen is actually Photo Negative Minnie's Jumpscare in FNATI 2017.