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The Face Prop is a fan-made prop in Abandoned Discovery Island


The Face is quite different from the other props at Discovery Island, instead of being impaled severely. He is only being spiked in the mouth and his suit isn't damaged. Although his right ear is missing and is replaced with a wooden stake.

Appearance (NEW)

The Face's hands have been torn off, and his lower half has been torn off as well. A spike is protruding through the hole in his lower half and through his head. A metal bar attached to the spike goes through his arms and out of his hands, leaving him in a "T-Pose". He has a pale orange light in his right eye socket, indicating that his soul is still trapped inside of the suit.


  • He was originally going to be just a head-lamp. But he wouldn't have a soul trapped inside him, his head was going to be an empty head with a light inside it.
  • EDIT 7/24/21: A new appearance and Blender promo has been made.