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The Failed Creation Costume May Almost Look Like The Failed Creation But He Doesn't Have Blood All Over Him, He Also Has Blue And Yellow Shoes, And Blue And Yellow Pants.

Quote (Asking Jake To Defeat The Failed Creation)

"Hello There Jake, He Is Not What You Expected... He's Mean... I Seem Lucky That I Didn't Get Killed By Him... It's His Fault... So What Do You Say...? Will You Help Me Defeat My Abandoned Brother Once And For All...?

(If You Say Yes, It Will Take You To A Battle With The Failed Creation, If You Say No, He'll Jumpscare You, Crashing Your Game)

Quotes (After Defeating The Failed Creation/Good Ending)

"You Finally Defeated Him... Thank You Jake..."

(The Failed Creation Costume Starts Crying Because He Was About To Fade Away Into Nothing, Then Jake Hugged Him.)

"Thank You For Destroying This Island... Now We Can Live Happily... I Wish I Can Live With You... But... I Have To Leave... Goodbye... Jake... You've Always Been A Friend To Me... I Hope We Can See Each Other Again..."

(Then, The Failed Creation Costume Shed A Tear When He Was Fading To Nothing, Saying His Last Words "I'll Never Forget You..." Giving Him A Plushie Version Of Him So Jake Can Never Forget Him.)


The Failed Creation Costume Is Actually A Mickey Mouse Costume But Vandalized To Make It Look Like The Failed Creation.

He Was Abused By His Brother The Failed Creation But He Didn't Get Killed, Luckily...

The Failed Creation Costume Still Hates His Brother The Failed Creation.

His Second Name Was "Jake's Old Friend"

The Failed Creation Costume's Voice Has Mickey Mouse's Voice But Echoed And A Little Bit Low.

Where Is The Actual "The Failed Creation?"

Here: https://abandoned-discovery-island-rp.fandom.com/wiki/The_Failed_Creation

Sound Files

(Voice Act For The Failed Creation Costume?)