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The Farter is a secondary antagonist of Abandoned discovery island


He is a Mickey shaped character made out of farts and with poop all over his body and red eyes,The farter also has white gloves so people can greet him without having to wash their hands after that


The farter will start in the bathroom camera and he'll make it's way towards your office,if you see him turn off a camera,if you don't them he'll jumpscare you.While Moving he will make random Fart Noises because that's the only language he knows how to talk.


  • Farter was a joke that started on Radiance Team discord server
  • He has his own game called five night's with the farter and it was made by Cutepkmin1 and kurtWiezbowski
  • he had human eyes in his original jumpscare
  • He's a fart demon
  • You can see him in the 1st cutscene but it's kinda rare
  • Sometimes he trolls his grandpa Withered Farter because yes
  • In version 1.0.4 You could see a secret shade farter after turning off the lights when the power is off,but later on this secret was removed because his design was WAY too trash
  • In night 6 he fuse with diarreah and Whitered farter to become pooper



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