Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"The Female Abomination(TBF for short) is one of the and Fan Made antagonist in A:DI"


"Photo-Negative Minnie"

Her appearance has a huge difference(kinda), her left eye are pretty wide than usual and her right eye seems larger. She also has a quite long neck, her dress seems normal but her hand are damaged and distorted. Her shoe are still normal though but her right shoe is replaced with Ortensia shoe. Some of her teeth are also missing.


Like "Photo-Negative Minnie" she has some distortion on her head, her eye are damaged, the flower on her hat is missing and both of her ear are Missing. She has still own her hand near "Photo-Negative Minnie" head but her hand is completely distorted as some of her finger are Missing and her hat are distorted and she has long neck like "Photo-Negative Minnie"

"Daisy Duck"

Her eye are sliced, leaving only her upper and bottom part of her eye and Her jaw is missing. It is also noted that her bowtie are back and she has long neck just like the other head.


She active on Night 6 along side with "Corruptus" and she will make a random path to your Office. If she appear on the left side of your Office you must shoot her with the "Flare Gun", if she appear on the right side of your Office you must use the "Alarm". If she appear on the center of your Office you must put "231178" on the keypad in your Camera, not perfoming these action while she's still on your Office will result a Jumpscare.


  • "We will not let you Escape"
  • "We are the Condemned Souls"
  • "We just want a Freedom"
  • "Where think you Going?"
  • "Only you can set us Free"

Death Quotes

  • "Join us friend..."
  • "We though you gonna make it through"
  • "There is still a Room for you"
  • "You're one of us now"
  • "Nothing can stop us"


  • Anywhere


  • She meant to be a female version of The Mascot of Abominations (M.O.A)
  • Her design is inspired from The Mascot of Abominations (M.O.A)
  • All of them have a soul trapped inside of it.
  • Everytime they speak, a static sound will be heard.
  • Unlike "Corruptus" she doesn't make any place messed up.
  • In the end of Night 6, all of the soul inside that suit will fly into the sky(possibly going to the Heaven).