Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He resembles Photo-Negative Mickey but the Right side of him is mostly made out of an Ink-Like substance, With his Left forearm, and Leg being made out of it also. What part of him isn't made out of the Black stuff is mostly normal but has a cloudy texture to it also. A part of his normal ear is missing along with his tongue. His smile is slightly bigger than normal and his mouth is more open as well. He has no natural eyes, Instead they are empty eye sockets with glowing orbs acting as his pupils


He first appears in Character Prep 1 off camera, He then moves into camera view. Then he moves into the Staff Area. Then into the Meat Freezer where he then Teleports into the center of the Office where you must turn off one of your cameras to fend him off. Otherwise he'll jumpscare you

Behavior (Night 6)

He is significantly less active on Night 6 only entering the Office between 4:59 to 5:40, He remains to behave the same however.


  • He wasn't supposed to be missing half of his ear, It was supposed to be partly made out of the Black stuff
  • He is from a alternate universe
  • When he is in the Staff Area he appears to be looking into Character Prep 2
  • He often floats with the exception of when he is in the Meat Freezer