Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Tom made this suit and called it "The Friend". It defended him from dangers. More months pass by, Tom tells The Friend to give him a glass of milk. The Friend says "no" but Tom slices him in half. Many years pass, The Friend gets back up, possesed from the family (the family with the sister possessing Choked Mouse) . He proceeds to find Tom and get his revenge. He rests and notices Greg pass by. He soon found out that no trespassers should be allowed without a Ticket.


He has his body sliced in half and his hands are floating. The top of his pants are ripped.


He starts in Storage Room before moving to Meat Freezer, Broadcasting Room and Bathroom before appearing in the office. The player needs to shut off a camera otherwise he will kill the player.


"Greg, Stop" "He left me to rot." "He killed me for no reason." "Im avenged now. Get out of the island." "Your too late." "I felt guilty, so die"

Heartless Ending

"I was Tom's buddy, defending him from dangers and trespassers. He had great times with me until i disobeyed him. He slices me up and gets up to get the glass himself. I was found by the Treasure Island security, and then I was thrown into the Storage Room. Something possesses me. The force of the body was very evil and agressive. I killed the security and the people with the Ticket. At night I heard a door creak open and saw a flashlight turn on. I knew who he was. It was Greg. He has no ticket. (demonic voice) Greg, its time to die. (demonic laugh)." - The Friend


  • He was born after Dank Minnie fell through the last of dank memes.
  • If one looks closely in the Storage Room they can see his head, but if you notice really *closely the eyeballs are looking at you.
  • In all the cameras he appears to hold his head.
  • When The Greenman came The Friend was already sliced up.