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"Hold It Right There"
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Hey Buddy. It's Greg here. Well..as you might remember these old, grayscale suits, also known as "Gascots", or "Unknown"? You remember these? Well our group the SSA have found one of these in The Pirate Caverns Entrance... yes.. a... Gascot. And as we see he seems to be slightly rotten and Dusty, and we have found out that he seems to be one of these lost suits, incidents, known as "Corruptus". And he seems to move through the night. We don't have so much information of his possible Behavior, but he seems to be able to enter to the office like the other mascots as well. If you see him, shut off the power. Because he will not able to catch you, as the Darkness will make him blind. But you have to wait 5 seconds, so he will leave the office. And so, that's all we know of him for now, bye bye.


Room Zero

  • Sudden-onset mass-hysteria.
  • Auditory hallucination and/or projection.
  • Unresolved CORRUPTUS: Unknown

-Corruptus Creepypasta


The Gascot is a Grayscale Mickey mouse suit, similar to Suicide Mouse. The Gascot seems to have all the normal Mickey mouse features, but he doesn't have a tail, and his head seems to be a combination between Mickey mouse and a gas Mask. He's also covered in Dust.


The Gascot starts at Night 3 in the Pirate Caverns Entrance, out of Camera. Then he will appear in the room standing up. Then he goes to the Janitor's Closet, where he will be seen near the Door, then he goes to the Meat Freezer, where he is under the blinking light, skipping the Character Prep 1 and Bathroom. Then he goes to the Staff Area, where he can be seen opening the door, and then the Meat Freezer and the lounge, appearing next to the chair. He will enter to the office, from both sides. To get rid of him, shut off the Power. Then the player must wait 5 seconds so he will leave the office. Doing otherwise or failing to do it he will kill the player. He activates at 2AM.


The Gascot's path through the island is the Following :

  • Pirate Caverns Entrance
  • Janitor's Closet
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Lounge
  • The Office

Sometimes, he talks while moving saying things like :

  • "I.. can't​ feel... anything....."
  • "I was left here...alone...DyInG..."
  • "Hello...hello...."
  • *Breathing*
  • "It will be fine....."


  • The Gascot is one of the Seven Corruptus.
  • The Gascot is also known as "The Unknown".
  • Presumably, there's a corpse inside the Gascot, since one of his phrases says something similar.
  • The Gascot is from the Creepypasta Room Zero, and is also briefly mentioned in the Corruptus Creepypasta.