"I know your there... Can't you tell if I'm here?"

- One of The Hallucination's quotes upon activating.

Excuse me?

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The Hallucination offers a Mickey Mouse figure, half black and half rainbow. It lacks a face.The black may occasionally become blue or purple.


  • "It's only a matter of time."
  • "May I entertain you for a bit?"
  • "On a scale of 1 to 10, how nervous are you? Don't answer, I know it's 10."
  • "I never understood."


He works like The Face, starting on the roof. He activates, saying one of the quotes above. By the next hour, he will glitch out the camera. To avoid him, refrain from checking The Roof. He will make a sound to signal it's not glitching anymore. Those who check however, will have the Monitor forcely lowered, and The Hallucination making noise and blocking Office View. You must wait for him to leave before you can do anything. He is affected by the power, so turn it off while hes in there. Once he leaves the office, he won't appear until the next night.


  • Originally, The Hallucination didn't talk.
  • He was going to be all gray.
  • Originally, he was all gray.
  • He was going to have tails, but it was decided against to avoid confusion with Tails The Fox.



The Roof - The Office

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