Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"bE hApPy, aReNt yOu HaPpY?"

-Happy Mouse


Happy Mouse is an even more Distorted version of Suicide Mouse. He's the Replacement of Suicide Mouse in Night 8.


He is Basically the Same as Suicide Mouse in Appearance, the only difference is that he hasn't got his hands stretched to his back, and his face has horribly distorted. Now his hands are basically in normal Pose, unlike Suicide Mouse, and his face is distorted. Now his eyes are much bigger, occuping large part of his face, and his mouth is like rotten, with a giant cut, and is also wider. He seems also to be covered in Dust.


He starts in The Broadcasting room, like Suicide Mouse does in previous nights. Then he goes to the Character Prep 2, and then the Staff Area. He can teleport, so he can go to these three locations (including the office) whenever he wants, Randomly. Every camera when he is in it, it turns full of Static, except the office, since this one is obviously not a camera. His music is the same as Suicide Mouse, but it sounds backwards. He has only one phrase, with a Distorted voice. He hasn't got a Shade. Hidding behind the desk or Shutting off a camera will not work on him, you have to shut off the Power. He starts at 2AM.


He starts in the Broadcasting Room, then he can teleport to the Character Prep 2, staff area, or the office.


  • He starts in the same room as Suicide Mouse.
  • His music is the same as Suicide Mouse, but in backwards.
  • He's based on the Creepypasta game Happy Mouse.
  • This character has not to be confused with the user Photo-negative Mickey's Happy Mouse, since they are different. This one hasn't got the human teeth or the arms like Suicide Mouse, and Pnm's one also appears in the Game Fnati 2:Let the Show Begin. This is just based on the Creepypasta.


Happy Mouse Full body.