Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Hate, nicknamed Cindy's Lone System, is a antagonist in A:DI, with the tradition of NSAC 5.


He appears to be a very vicious version of Mickey Mouse. His blood is now very cold.


He starts in the Injury Night. You play as Mileta, probably when his friendly life is over for years with Cindy. The Hate will sit at the left of the office, and will go closer standing up to you if you use the Happiness Jammer until it goes to 100. If you don't stand still, his jumpscare consist of him popping towards your face and biting your arm off. If you don't either use the Sadness Jammer until it goes to 100, his jumpscare consist of him jumping at the player's face and slamming his head into your arm. When you do these 2 actions against The Hate, he will go back to sitting.

End of Jumpscare

It will end by the player receiving a cutscene of the mouses standing in the office, while one of them tries to cut your hand.


  • He was maded after his creator got injured.
  • The creator's mom has probably injured him for being good, which is child abuse.
  • Mom never left the creator after he was hurt, locked away for decades with Cindy.