Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The Suit Has Pn Mickey Head With Human Eye And A Teeth, The Suit Has Pn Minnie Body With Ace Head, The Left Hand Is Pluto And Undying, The Right Hand Is Suicide Mouse And Hourglass, The Left Leg Is Oswald With Disembodied With Normal Donald Duck Eyes, The Right Leg Is Ortensia With Daisy Duck With Human Eyes, The Suit Has Mouse Tail, The Right Ear Is Oswald And The Left Ear Is Past Mickey, Also The Suit Has Ortensia Hat.


The Hybrid Start On Character Prep 3 With Really Happy Mouse And Pn Willy, Then He/She Moves Fast To Storage Room, Then He Move To Staff Area, Then He/She Moves To Meat Freezer And He/She Moves To Office, If You See Him/Her, You Must Shut Off Camera But If He/She Is On Your Desk,Your Must Hide.


  • "Why Im There?"
  • "Disembodied Quack Sound"
  • "Daisy Duck Quack Sound"
  • "Hey Wanna See My Head Come Off?"
  • "God Where Are You?"
  • "Pn Minnie Laugh"
  • "Pluto Barking Sound"
  • "Real Suffering Is Not Known"
  • "Hehehe Have Some Fun"
  • "Your Fate Will True"
  • "Hahahahahaha"
  • "Where Are You?"


A Suit Which Hybrid Has 7 Trapped Souls On It, The Name Of Souls Was, Kane, Dohn, Paul, Beverly, Michael, Enna, And Robe/5/5/5/4@4@/46',',55',5,@


  • He Is One Of Hybrid Suits That Can Speaks
  • His/Her Description Has 1 Corrupted Name, If You Uncorrupt It, The Name Was Robert
  • The Hybrid Can Says Pn Mickey, Pn Minnie, Oswald, Ortensia, Suicide Mouse, Pluto(Barking Sound) Disembodied And Daisy Duck(Quack Sound)
  • You Can Get His/Her Ruby Thropies After Beating Insane Custom Night Which Very Hard.
  • Theres A Rare Hallucination That Showed Up Rarely, The Hallucination Is The Hybrid But Has White Eyes Like The One And Crying Blood And Also Has Sharp Teeth.