Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"The incident was long time ago, i didn't expected it to still have people on it, the treasure island was abandoned, so it was perfect to investigate around, untill i found a room... A room that looked burned and completely decaying..." - The Incident CreepyPasta


The incident room was a room that used to be "Treasure Cove" for the Treasure Island, when the attraction was about to close soon, there was an accident on this room, further speeding up the close time.

The CreepyPasta (By Mat)

"Alright, because you all asked for it i'm posting it here because this seriously was creepy, and don't ask me questions, my mind was all blank over there, all im writing here is all i can remember!

It was those times the Treasure island closed, i heard about a Photo Negative Mickey, and a Donald head with a skull inside of it, i didn't believe that of course. I got to the Island to prove it by myself, as soon as i reached the island, i was highly attracted by a tent that looked like from a circus, it said "Treasure Cove" written in a red type of marker (What i think it was, i highly doubt it was blood.), so of course, i had to go check it out. When i entered, it was full of cobwebs, dirt and dust, and the floor was all broken, with grass coming out of it... I think, i also saw a creepy suit... When i picked it up, i noticed it didn't had its arms, nor it's eyes (most of face...) and it was lacking its lower jaw, and it was all dirty with a few yellow splits of something... It's skirt had a huge hole of wich, was bleeding a yellow blood, i frightened out and threw the suit away. It looked almost like a Doll... There where other suits but i was too frightened to check them out, too. All i can remember is that when i was leaving the tent, i heard a dragging sound, it was one of the suits! It was trying to reach me, as it left yellow blood on the floor everytime it moved, i was petrified of fear, and i almost got a heartattack when i heard it, say in a soft, yet very demonical and desperated voice: "The Incident... The Incident..." Over and Over again, i was ready to run away untill the other suit i checked got up, and it was playing a music box, i couldn't stay in the island a single second more, i ran away and escaped the island. About the suit that was pouring blood like crazy? I don't remember how he looked, it was... Weird... And dark in there, but it reminded me of someone... I don't remember right now. This is all i saw by myself, it's up to you if you want to prove it true, all i can tell you... Is that... The island, is absolutely haunted. So my best advice: Don't Go." - The Incident


The Incident room is a tent that is all dirty and dusty on the inside, it has a few burn strikes and a few burned wood chunks, the checkered floor is all broken, and it has a few grass coming out of the holes it has. It has a few rips that show a bit of the island, palms, grass and sand and a few of the ocean, the moon can be seen providing light to the room. Doll is believed to start in this room as well a few others.

What was the incident about

Doll and ??? where doing their act on the cove, kids could enter and have fun with the characters, as well as win prizes. But then, ???.2 accidentally did something wrong, setting the tent on fire, gladly it didn't burn but it burned a few of the wood, ripped a few from the tent and burning and melting the characters, Doll was the one that was more affected, it is unknown from where the music box came from.