Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Incinerator is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is one of Father's men and was a worker at Discovery Island. His job was to burn any rejected ideas. However when the incident occurred, He was killed and was later revived by Father and worked for him.


He appears to be a mechanized being as he has a burnt skull with a helmet on. His left arm was cut off and replaced with a flame thrower. He also wears some armor on his body and his other arm has a mechanic hand.


The Incinerator starts at night 3 in the Meat Freezer, but instead of heading to the Office, he will walk into another location and use his flamethrower arm to burn it, if that location is burnt, then the whole building will eventually burn down to the ground and you'll get a game over. To stop it, you must press a blue button which sprinklers will come down and doze off the flames. If you complete this 3 times, then he will go to the office and try to burn you. Use the sprinklers to doze off his flamethrower arm to make him go away or he will kill you.


The Incinerator starts the Meat Freezer, but then goes to 3 different locations to burn, and then eventually the office.


He was built like this because Father knows that his job is to burn.

He is one of Father's men.