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The Ink-Blot is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Ink-Blot is a nearly unrecognizable Toon, but actually uses a melted and distorted version of Oswald as its body. Its head is round, with two gaping eye sockets lined with purple ink, and has two bright white ringed pupils. Its mouth is constantly stretched, with its jaw hanging low. The inside of its mouth is full of ink, and has many purple razor sharp teeth. It has a hole on its torso that is also lined with viscous ink. It doesn't have any arms, and its feet appear flattened.


The Ink-Blot is a character that can appear in the Office at random. When it appears, it can be seen standing directly in-front of the desk with its head tilted. it is hard to make out in the darkness, but its solid white eyes give away its position. The player must hide underneath the desk in order to get rid of it, as failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.

Pirate Caverns

There is a rare chance that The Ink-Blot can appear on Floor 2 of Pirate Caverns. When in the main hall, it may appear in-front of the player, along with a groaning sound. If the player doesn't retreat to the previous room in less than 5 seconds, it will jumpscare the player.


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  • The Ink-Blot is based on The Ink God from Nightmare Before Disney 3.