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This suit is owned by Mickey Lets Play.


The Inkblot is an unofficial and a Fan-Made Antagonist in Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0., He is an enemy that appears on maybe, most or least cameras on the monitor. He is an obnoxious enemy towards the player.


The Inkblot's appearance lowly resembles to Mickey Mouse's, but that is only repair, himself and Mickey Mouse is having conjoin around, the Mickey Mouse prop is conjoint together to the end of his inside ears, and conjoined to his fingers in his gloves, and conjoint to his shoes. His shoes are darkened grey and almost light gray, his gloves are almost white, but darkened gray. His shoes and his gloves are having small, black, yellow and darkened colors and his torso and himself looks rather shiny. He has black shorts with white buttons. He has withe eyes with eye irises/pupils. His face has Mickey Mouse faces between the center of his face. He has small red colors on the downer side of his head on the two sides. His nose is white but he still has Mickey Mouse ears.


The Inkblot will be activate on Night 4, he will start at the lower area in the room known as The "Depths". Then he will next go to the Break Room, then he will then appear in The Stairway or the Cavern's Entrance, then he will move along most or least of the rooms, he will go everywhere, but if the player uses the monitor for too long, then The Inkblot will end up crashing the cameras in the monitor, redeeming the player hppeless.

Eventually, he will appear into the two sides that lead to the Office, if he's spotted in the Office, the monitor will be crashed, so the player must get rid of him by hiding himself under the desk to survive. But failing or neglecting to hide under the desk will result in Ink-Blot's jumpscare.


  • He is an enemy that is connected to Ancient Mickey that can break the cameras.
  • Unlike Ancient Mickey, he will crash the monitor if the player uses the monitor for too long.
  • He is one of the enemies that can roam around in the island at random intervals, the other being Rotten Suicide Mouse.
  • He is one of the unknown enemies that can start inside the Depths, the other being Rotten Suicide Mouse randomly.
  • He is an ink-blotting version of Photo-Negative Mickey and Mickey Mouse.