Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He is one of Tom's Creations that was let go from the island. He returns to this island in a rotten editon. He was angered to tom because Tom didn't like him much. Tom threw him out. But Tom knows he is following him.



He has no legs and no hands. He has white pupils. His appearance is much more like Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey but in a withered style. He floats because of his missing legs.


He starts in Bathroom on night 3. When he is in the office hide under the desk otherwise he will kill you. There is a rare chance he will crash your game.


He starts in Night 3 in Bathroom. His path is Bathroom, CP1, Storage Room and Meat Freezer before appearing in the office.


  • He is seen on the ground in the office. It is unknown why.
  • Rarely he will look into the cameras he is on.
  • He looks like a withered version of Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey from Nightmare Before Disney.


  • "Tom disobeyed us, and you did it too"
  • "I wish i was still here"
  • "I want your body"
  • "Avenge me"
  • "Save them"
  • "Give up, i know your here Greg"
  • "Leave, now! The island is haunted"