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The Joy Of Disney is an horror games created by DuyGaming2020


After The Treasure Island got burned, Jake then survived and go to Lisa's house. But the suit return with broken and ignited from fire and their want to kill him. Will he survive 7 nights?


You are Jake, you have been a survivor of a fire on Treasure Island. You are going to Lisa's house, but the suit is following in your footsteps. You must avoid them before they get to you.


  • Flashlight : Flashlights are used to avoid the suit by blaming the lights and they will go away.
  • Hiding : Hiding is used to hiding from the suit without being detected.
    • Notice that hiding only give you 35% to survived, if the player hides to the same furniture. They will kill you.
  • Free Roam : The game is allowed to go to several buildings.



  • Jake
  • Lisa
  • Greg



The Joy of Disney Menu Song

The music play when the player run out of power

Ignited Suits's jumpscare sound


  • This game was made with Unreal Engine 4 V1.2, it was created in 4/3/2020, it got cancelled in 2/3/2021 for good due of lack of movement.
  • The game is inspired by TJoC.