Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The Lost is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


The Lost is a blue humanoid with a blue Mickey Mouse head. It is unknown how he got a blue Mickey Mouse head on him. It's also unknown what he used to be. He was created 3 years after the fall of Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX and the crushing defeat of Anti Spamming Aquamarine, two characters that recently got perished by the evil Greyscale Mouse.


The Lost starts at The Drawing Board, he can be seen clipping through a wall, then goes to the Meat Freezer where he can be seen siting on one of the tables, and then goes to the office, he is seen in the office opening the doors from the Meat Freezer, in order to get rid of him, the player must hide or he will jumpscare the player, crashing the game.


  • The Lost was created during the fall of Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX.
  • Is it unknown how he can clip through walls.
    • He is either a demon or he was made to do that.
  • He could be a demon, this explains why he is seen clipping through a wall in The Drawing Board.
  • If him and The Drawing are both seen in The Drawing Board, there is a 50/50 chance that both of them will appear at the office.
  • The Lost could actually be a demon from the past, haunting the remains of The Drawing Board.
  • He could be one of the creators of the mystery suit "The Odyssey."
  • The Lost is could be named after a secret character from The Binding Of Issac.


"Look at the things you have done, and tell me... Was it really necessary?" -After beating The Lost on Night 3.

"We all know what you have done a long time ago, I mean you did murder a bunch of suits and didn't tell anybody about it. You didn't want to lost that precious job of yours so you can make money. How devilish..." -After getting the Lost Ending from Night 6.

"You really are good at this game, despite the fact you did bad things. But you ended that hellhole, congratulations. You just proved yourself that you wanted to complete the game..." -After beating Night 9.