Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The Mascot of Abominations is a Fanmade character in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Mascot of Abominations is an Abomination Mascot Costume that has the heads of Oswald, Donald, Photo-Negative Mickey, and Willy attached to the arms and a head of the costume.

His appearance seems to be damaged, but that's okay.


He will start in the Storage Room, Then he becomes active at 2 AM. He will move to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and then The Office.

The Player needs to Hide under the Desk or Shut off a Camera to get rid of M.O.A in the office. Failing or Neglecting to get rid of him, He will jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over.


"Where do you think you're going?"

"You're not supposed to be here."

(sometimes you can hear his static noises while he's moving.)


Audio Files (Warning, it contains a loud jumpscare sound.)


#1. He was inspired by The Box of Abominations from Dormitabis.

#2. The reason why he has many heads, It's because someone has hyperglued the heads onto him or something.

#3. When he makes static noises while moving, It sounds like something from an old Angry Grandpa video which is called "The Spirit Box".

#4 His jumpscare sound is a mix of Anniversary PNM's screech, FNaTI: SCRAPPED character's scream, and other.