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They are the sons of Donald Duck but now each one is different to their defects, but they will have different ones to make the games more difficult. Dewey will start along with Louie on the roof and Huey will start in pirate caverns but will head to caverns entrance.

Huey's Appearance

Huey retains several of his features seen in Ducktales, with the exception that his two original eyes are now missing of which only shows two black basins that birds take out their two eyes, apart from their legs, their shirt, cap and body are stained with slime.

Dewey's Appearance

He also retains several features seen in Ducktales, with the exception that he lacks the mitada of his left arm and right leg. All his body including his clothes are dirty due to the years he has been abandoned and finally his left eye is missing while his right eye is dirty.

Louie's Appearance

Louie, like his brothers, retains several features seen in Ducktales, with the exception that he is now melted except for his shirt and lower body.

Dewey's and Louie's Behavior

Dewey and Louie will start on the roof but you will not see them until they have woken up. When the two have woken up They will go through a conduit that takes them to the lounge making it easier to get to your office. When you have entered dewey and louie into your office you have to hide under the desk to not be killed, however if you do not avoid them dewey deactivate the cameras for 1 minute and louie summon pluto for 1 minute and you can not avoid it.

Huey's Behavior

Huey will start in caverns entrance and will go to your office for marte, he will take the next camera to enter your office which is the meat freezer. When you have entered your office you will have to turn off one of these two cameras caverns entrance and meat freezer, however if you do not turn off any of these two cameras you will be attacked ending with a game over.


Dewey - Louie The Roof ➝ Lounge ➝ The Office.

Huey Caverns Entrance ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ The Office.


  • Originally they would talk worse I decided better than not.
  • Curiously in the custom night strange sounds are heard if you only activate them nothing more.
  • If you click on the logo of the error it will say the name of a user of this Crimthemonkey wiki.
  • They would initially start at night 3 but it was decided that it would be better at night 5 why they are difficult to face.